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TRUTH Talk with Stu Epperson

Mar 30, 2019

This week Stu catches up with a missionary who just got back from a mission trip to Honduras.

Mar 23, 2019

This week Stu sits down with some fellow brothers in Christ from a different part of the world to discuss the sacrifices some Christians need to make for their relationship with the lord.

Mar 15, 2019

This week Stu joins us from John MacArthur's annual Shepherds' Conference in California. Featuring guest appearances by Pastor MacArthur's son Mark, The Christian Worldview's David Wheaton, and more!

Mar 9, 2019

Stu sits down with Walker Armstrong of the Pilot Mountain Baptist Association to talk about how to bring life back into the church community, and to promote an upcoming event.

Mar 2, 2019

Stu travels to Charlotte for the biggest weekend in Basketball where he meets up with legendary player Bobby Jones and author Pat Williams to talk about how together these two men brought Christianity to the world of Basketball in the 70's and 80's, and won a ring along the way.