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TRUTH Talk with Stu Epperson

Nov 22, 2018

Stu invites some fellow brothers in Christ to talk about their Heavenly Father. The Christian Car Guy Robby Dilmore also stops by to lead us in a special Thanksgiving prayer. 

Nov 17, 2018

This week Stu sits down with Walter Spires, author of the new book All Men are Desperate Whether They Admit it or Not, to talk about faith, prayer, cheer-leading, and the meaning of the phrase "over-churched and under-saved".

Nov 10, 2018

This week Stu invites the team of Capitol Commission into the studio to talk about the right way to combine politics and the word of God.

Nov 3, 2018

This week Stu sits down with "The Fellows", a group of world-changing young people on a mission of service. And a special musical guest provides us the best intro music we've had on the show yet!